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Spam and Virus Email Protection

Canadian Hosters email accounts have spam and virus protection to limit how much junk mail you receive and to block harmful viruses and potentially dangerous emails. All known viruses and dangerous content is blocked automatically at the server, before it reaches your inbox.

Realtime Blackhole Lists
(Please read this if your email has been blocked.)

Among other things, Canadian Hosters uses Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs) to identify spam sources and to block Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who relay spam. If we detect incoming spam from your service provider, your email and any email from your Internet Service Provider will be blocked from sending any mail to our servers. If your email was blocked, please contact your ISP to make them aware of the situation, so they can stop the spammer, and unblock their system. For further information about RBLs please see the Multi-RBL check site. This site allows ISPs to find out who has listed them, and contains references to most of the popular Internet RBLs.

Further Assistance

If you find the spam filters or virus filters are not meeting your needs, please contact us for further information or to hear about other methods of dealing with spam and virus email.


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