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Email Setup

Short Version: Please follow the list below, checking each setting. If you ensure each of these settings are correct, your email will work. The most important settings are as follows:

  1. Incoming Server Type: pop or pop3
  2. Incoming Server Name:
    Where "" is replaced by your own email address domain. For example, if your email address is, then you would enter as the incoming server name.
  3. Incoming Server Port: 110
  4. Incoming Username: The username you were given, without the domain part. In the example above, the username would be "joe" (without the quotes).
  5. Incoming SSL or TLS: No (For incoming, do not enable SSL or TLS unless you have your own SSL Certificate)
  6. Outgoing Server Name:
    Where "" is replaced by your own email address domain.
  7. Outgoing Server Port: 587
  8. Outgoing SSL or TLS: No (For outgoing, do not enable SSL or TLS unless you have your own SSL Certificate)
  9. Outgoing Server Requires Authentication: Yes (Use same settings as incoming server, for username and password)

Long Version:

  1. Start your email program
    Find your email account settings and chooose Add.

  2. Enter your display name
    This name will appear next to the email address when sent.

  3. Enter your email address
    Enter the email address that you wish to use with this account. This email address must match an account already configured on the mail server by your email administrator.

  4. Enter your incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) server names
    The first requirement will be the incoming server name. This will be pop with a period (pop.) followed by your domain name.
    The second requirement will be the outgoing server name. This will be similar to your incoming server name, except instead of pop you will use smtp.

  5. Enter your account name and password
    This will be where you enter the account name and password which has been provided for you. Also, do NOT check the check box asking if you want to log in using SPA or SSL.

  6. Finish Screen
    Click finish to save the settings.

  7. Account Properties
    Using the Mail tab, select the account you just created, and then click Properties

  8. Outgoing Server Requires Authentication
    Using the Servers tab, Select the check box under Outgoing Mail Server for My server requires authentication, and use same settings, and then click Apply

  9. Advanced Settings
    Using the advanced tab or more settings button, look for server port numbers and examine the value for Outgoing mail (SMTP). It should be 587. Be sure to click Apply after changing this value.

  10. Congratulations
    Click OK, then close. Now you are ready to read and send email.

Changing your email accounts or adding additional email accounts

To change accounts or add additional ones, see the following:

  1. Click on the menu item "Tools", and select "Accounts...".
    A window will pop up with a list of Internet Accounts.

  2. Click on "Add" then select "Mail".
    Run throught the steps mentioned above to add the new user.

If these instructions do not work for you

If you you have tried the above and you cannot get your email to work, please contact your computer support person or contact us for assistance.


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